This is short for living out the hopes and dreams of Jesus. This phrase is at the heart of Rock City. We believe that our mission is to inspire people to discover Jesus’ hopes and dreams, then dare to live them out.

God has given us all circles of influence. The jobs, classrooms, and coffee shops are
opportunities within our regular flow of life where we can influence people with the love of Jesus. Our challenge is to live in recognition of this mission field and respond to God’s prompts with people.

What to Expect

At Rock City, you can expect a friendly, casual atmosphere, with people ready to assist you. We encourage you to look around and make yourself at home. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack for the kids. 

Our greeters will help you get your kids checked into Kid City (Nursery- 5th grade ) and put some helpful info into your hands as you enter our worship area. The service will last around 70 minutes.

Following the service, we have hosts at our Next Step Table at the back of the worship space to help you when you are ready to get connected at Rock City.

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